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Since using WineScheduler, my life has become so much easier. I love that it makes a to-do list for everyday and gives me oversight on the work I have in upcoming days and also the number of kits in production. I also love the customer history feature – no more filtering though invoices to see what the client ordered last time. The one-on-one service has been amazing and it’s nice to be able to offer feedback on the program and see my ideas implemented. This really have been a lifesaver and I am a loyal customer.
Anneiles, The Wine Cellar and Cheese Shop, Ontario

WineScheduler… what a lifesaver this has been. The system is easy to work with and learn. The automated email reminder for customer appointments, with the option to reschedule on their own, certainly eliminates a lot of calls. Another fantastic feature is the automatic racking and filtering dates. Having a daily work sheet makes it very time efficient. Holding our customer data and history is an extra bonus when repeat customers come in to make more wine.
Sherri, Wine-o-Warehouse, New Brunswick

As a new ferment-on-premise store in PEI, I needed a system that I could depend on to track and schedule my day. With WineScheduler, I can track all my kits brewing, from racking, to filtering to bottling. A very neat feature is the auto-email bottling date/time reminder. There is also a POS module that I helped beta test. Any issues that I found – the team at WineScheduler rectified quickly. It’s a well oiled machine now and I consider it an employee at a fraction of the cost! All my inventory is tracked through it as well. Very user friendly. I recommend this program to ANYONE in the ferment-on-premise business. 5 Stars.
Chris, The Cork & Barrel Homebrew Shop, Prince Edward Island

We have been using the WineScheduler program for our new ferment on premise. I have been able to navigate the program and create orders easily. If I have any questions, I have the confidence that WineScheduler staff will be able to assist me. In fact, we needed to add a step and they created something for us within a day! Amazing! I look forward to years with the WineScheduler and also checking out the new POS system.
Heather, The Wine Warehouse, Calgary, AB