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Canada's #1 on-line wine kit scheduling software for U-Vint, Onsite Fermentation and U-Brew operations

Winescheduler takes the guesswork out of creating wine and beer kits for U-brew, U-Vint, Ferment on Premise and On-site Wine making businesses.

This easy to use program automatically tracks all stages of the wine and beer making process. A daily worksheet lets you know which tasks need to be performed and who performed them.

Features include:

  • cash register Point of Sale (POS) module tailored to ferment-on-premise operations
  • automatic scheduling for racking, filtering and bottling
  • daily/weekly and monthly bottling appointment schedule
  • automatic email of bottling appointment reminders to customers
  • customers can re-book bottling appointments on-line
  • exportable customer¬†database¬†
  • tracking of wine kits made in store
  • work load reports
  • wine kits ordered report

…and much more


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