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Everything you need to manage your in-store kit production, bottling appointments and a Point-of-Sale system.

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per month
Includes all Winescheduler features…plus…



Daily task worksheet
Automatically send emails for bottling
Customers can book bottling appointments online
Customer Agreement/Production Tag
Easy production reports
Manage and export customers
Track employees
Set store hours and holiday hours
Customize production dates for racking, stabilizing, clearing and filtering
Inventory control
Peace of mind
POS dashboard
18 customizable reports
Track your sales, cost & profit
Track your Inventory
Automatically create purchase orders
Create, track and email invoices
Full customer purchase history
Rent and track equipment rentals
Sell, track and redeem gift cards
Set store sales and specials
Create and redeem customer credit
Take deposits and pre-orders for out of stock kits
Includes one bottling station
Already have a POS system? No problem.
Turn OFF the POS system for production only.

Try Winescheduler for FREE today!

per month
Includes all Winescheduler and WineschedulerPOS features…plus…
Customer loyalty program
Up to 10 bottling stations

Try Winescheduler for FREE today!