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WineScheduler: At a glance

Some of the features in the WineScheduler are listed below.

Daily Worksheet:

The daily worksheet lets you know what needs to be accomplished every day for production and bottling. This daily worksheet shows every wine and beer in production that needs to be racked, stabilized or filtered, customers who have been emailed a bottling reminder, customers who need to a reminder call, customers that have missed bottling appointments and your daily bottling schedule for that day.

As wine kits are made for customers throughout the day, a list will appear showing first to last by customer name. This is helpful if you have a customer queue as you can call the customer by name when the yeast is ready to be poured.

Point of Sale (POS):

This add on module is a Cash Register  and more! The POS system creates invoices, tracks customer purchasing history, tracks gift cards, manages all inventory, creates financial reports and allows you to easily make sales.

Bottling Appointments:

A reminder email is automatically generated and sent to the customer two days prior to bottling. This reminder email contains a link so the Customer can re-book on-line.  Bottling appointments can be quickly rescheduled from the homepage of the Winescheduler if a Customer phones in. If a customer misses an appointment, Winescheduler automatically flags the customer so you can call to rebook bottling. This appears in the daily task menu.

Bottling stations can been added as needed and Customers can be booked on numerous stations in the same time slot.

The Calendar feature shows your bottling schedule by month, week or day. This is helpful if you need to schedule additional staff.

Customer Agreement:

This two part customized agreement is automatically populated. One section with the customer information and signature stays with the wine kit in your store. The tear off portion is given to your customer and states the bottling date and time, type of wine, invoice # and total cost.


Reports give you insight into production, kits made monthly and yearly and current kits in store.

Manage Customers:

Manage Customers allows you to add customers, export customer lists, search for customers and view all agreements.

Setting store hours and Holiday hours:

Set specific opening and closing hours on dates and set closed all day for Holidays. Bottling appointments will not show on these days.


Set how many days each wine kit needs for racking and stabilizing. These settings can be deferred if the S.G. hasn’t been met.¬† Set how many days you would like stabilizing to be deferred. This setting determines when a kit will be flagged as overdue.

Inventory Control:

WineScheduler can track your wine and beer kit inventory and alert you when quantities are low.


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